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Here’s how we work

Our approach to commercial real estate acquisition is unique. We will meet with you to discuss the opportunity to work together. Our approach is to contract with a select few clients at any given time to offer them a higher level of exclusive brokerage services to assist in your acquisition of target properties.

Once hired, we take your buyer requirement to our database of all the major multi-family and commercial investment cooperating brokerages and to our direct database of property owners. We send this via email and then call through based on a targeted match criteria list as well.

We then give you “first right of refusal” on any opportunities that we get back. In many cases, these are “off market” opportunities, where it’s simply a vendor that is open to offers, or is not wanting to fully list the property for sale but is wanting to sell. These are where our clients often get the best value.

How do we get paid?

Our goal is firstly to establish an opinion of fair market value for the subject property that is targeted for acquisition. Be complete full market research on the asset, underwrite the income and expenses and provide you with an expert opinion of a value range for the asset. When drafting an offer, we then include for the seller of the property to pay our fee. The property is worth what the market will bare for it, and real estate commissions and other sales costs are standard costs of sale. In the event that the seller is unwilling to pay us, then our fee would be invoiced to you to be paid as part of the closing adjustments on the property. In these cases, we will always discuss this with you and get your confirmation of any impact this has on the sale price you’d be willing to offer.

What if it’s through a cooperating brokerage?

In some cases, cooperating commercial brokerages have a cooperating fee they will offer to pay us that the seller has already contracted with them to offer Commercial REALTORS who are representing a buyer. But in the majority of cases, other brokers do their best to maximize their fee and thus work to sell the property to a direct buyer in their network. So our approach is to have you pay our fee directly to us. This allows us to then clarify that expectation with the outside brokerage and have them share with us property opportunities they may not otherwise have shared. Through our reciprocal relationships with the vast majority of commercial brokers who have good product flow in the market, we have been able to successfully work together to sell numerous properties over the years. It’s these successful transactions and history of working together that facilitates future deal flow.


This business is all about relationships


See what some past clients have to say about working with us on our testimonials page, check us out on Linkedin or anywhere online. We pride ourselves on reputation, and working successfully with each client is key. We do not accept all clients, but will always welcome a conversation to see if we can assist you with your goals.


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